Racial Justice and Civil Rights


Racial Justice - YWCA Bucks County promotes the celebration of diversity in all of its programs. Racial Justice programs encourage youth and adults from all cultures to explore race together and come away with a new appreciation and value of diversity.

Reading to End Racism is a hallmark program of the YWCA that uses trained staff and volunteers to read to children and adults to stimulate a conversation with participants about race, the nature of racism and how individuals can work to eliminate racism in their lives, schools and communities. YWCA’s Reading to End Racism program includes two components: (1) Afterschool Book Clubs for Elementary Youth AND (2) Women’s Reading and Discussion Groups.

Stand Against Racism is a national initiative of the YWCA USA. Locally, the YWCA Bucks County joins over 750 sites nationwide to advocate and lead activities that deliver a clear message that we are on a mission to eliminate racism. Participants read and sign the Stand Against Racism pledge to do their part to eliminate racism in their community.


On Friday April 28th 2017, we took a stand to against racism. Check out the individual and community commitments that were made that day

Individual Commitments  

  • Listen
  • Being intentional
  • Raising children with awareness
  • Don't remain silent
  • Commit to be self-aware
  • Practice and Prep to speak out
  • Modeling the behavior and actions we want to see
  • Holding others accountable to end racism
  • Get out of comfort zone
  • Speak up
  • See people. Be Approachable
  • Decide on the positive and ask questions - hold different conversations

Community Commitments 

  • Know your history
  • Immerse yourself in other communities
  • Speak up when you see racism 
  • Workplace conversations - cultural differences and inclusion
  • Wake up - call out for what is

 National Initiatives 

For more than 150 years, the YWCA has spoken out and taken action to protect the rights of all women and girls.

The Elimination of Racism
The YWCA supports policies that contribute to the elimination of racism. This includes but is not limited to policies that eliminate racial profiling, increase immigrant rights, retain and strengthen affirmative action, reduce hate crimes and result in increased education on racism and its elimination.

Affirmative Action
The YWCA supports the maintenance and strengthening of affirmative action laws to protect people from discrimination on the basis of race and gender.





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