On Friday April 28th 2017, we took a stand to against racism. Check out the individual and community commitments that were made that day

Individual Commitments

  • Listen
  • Being intentional
  • Raising children with awareness
  • Don't remain silent
  • Commit to be self-aware
  • Practice and Prep to speak out
  • Modeling the behavior and actions we want to see
  • Holding others accountable to end racism
  • Get out of comfort zone
  • Speak up
  • See people. Be Approachable
  • Decide on the positive and ask questions - hold different conversations


Community Commitments

  • Know your history
  • Immerse yourself in other communities
  • Speak up when you see racism
  • Workplace conversations - cultural differences and inclusion
  • Wake up - call out for what is




Find out how YOU can get involved at the YWCA Bucks County!