PT-Program Facilitator

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P/T Program Facilitator

YWCA Bucks County – Morrisville, PA; Bristol, PA Bensalem, PA; Warminster, PA; Levittown, PA

Job Description

Summary: Provides prevention education for children and teens in Bucks County within YWCA
Programs. Assesses participant awareness of prevention issues, and evaluates program effectiveness
through measurable outcomes. Provides programming that reflects the mission of the YWCA Bucks
County and is aimed at the prevention of substance abuse, violence, gambling, low self-esteem, and
delinquency in Bucks County.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties as may be assigned.

Implement and evaluate YWCA prevention programs for children and youth
Prepare research-based or evidence-based prevention curriculum and provide instruction in awareness,
education, and prevention strategies for YWCA program staff
Ensure that all programs are delivered in compliance with agency policy on diversity with specific
sensitivity to age, gender, sexual preference, race, ethnicity, and language of the population being served
Meet and maintain all applicable compliance requirements of funding agency specifically as pertains to
privileging requirements
Purchasing of some supplies may be required. Staff is given an advance to pay for those items.
Reimbursement is given to any and all materials staff may buy.
Mileage reimbursement is given if you travel between two or more sites.
Report back to supervisor with test outcomes that are completed the first and last day of program.
Report to supervisor if have any questions or concerns that need addressing.

Programs include:

We Know BETter – is an evidence-based program that will help students in 4 th  and 5 th  grade live
lives free of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling.
Topics include:
Media’s influence on decision making
Perception of peer use and engagement in risky behaviors
Understanding that gambling is a risky behavior
Effective decision making
Developing resiliency
Stepping up for others
Refusal skills
Compassion for others
Adversaries to Allies – is a Curriculum for Change is a research-based curriculum targeted to
help middle school girls change the subtle, but hurtful ways girls fight and bully one another. The goal of
program offers strategies for girls to relate to one another and better understand stereotypical messages
that often lead to behaviors such as betrayal, exclusion, rumor mongering, teasing and harassment.
Activities include:
Role plays and skits
Researching media messaging
DIY/Arts and crafts

Girls Circle – Girls Circle is a structured support group for girls that allows them to foster self-
esteem, maintain authentic connection with peers and adult women in their community, counter trends
toward self-doubt, and provides a safe and nurturing place for genuine self-expression through verbal
sharing and creative activity.
Too Good for Drugs and Violence – is designed to promote first through sixth grade students’
pro-social skills, positive character traits, and violence-and drug-free norms.

Topics include:
Underage alcohol drinking
Conflict resolution
Reality of drugs and drug use
Health vs. Non healthy relationships
Help expressing emotions
Goals for your future
Decision making
Peer pressure
Positive Action – is a school-based program that focuses on social and character development,
supporting skills, and the attitudes of children and adolescents from first through sixth grade.
Teens Program – is a program that is held at YWCA Bucks County community centers that
consist of 8-12 girls. Activities can include DIY crafts, watching movies, arts and crafts, games, and
educational lessons. Suggested activities are given but teen leaders are able to create and facilitate their
own ideas for each group meeting as well.

Job Type: Temporary

To apply, please send your resume to: