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For questions, or more information, contact Krystal Tu at ktu@ywcabucks.org or 215-953-7793 x111

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  1. FAQ’S
1. When is camp?
Camp is July 5th-August 12th
2. How old does my child need to be to join camp?
The child should be going into 1st grade and then going into 6th grade (this is as of September 2022).
3. How much is camp?
There is a $35 registration fee for the family (per family, not child) and at least $10 a week. You can contact Krystal Tu ktu@ywcabucks.org to speak with her if you have more than one child that plans to attend camp and what your payment per week will be.
4. Do the kids go on trips at camp?
The kids go on trips once a week and then another day each week they go to the pool.
5. Do they need to bring a lunch?
The kids are provided breakfast, lunch, and snacks at the camp so they do not need to pack any food. The food is pork and beef free. Also, there are no nuts in any of the food.
6. Where are your locations at?
All our location details can be found on our website, on the Summer Camp page.
7. How many kids are in each camp?
Camps can range between 25-50 kids, depending on location.
8. Is camp every day?
Camp can vary based on location. Some locations are Monday-Friday while others are Monday-Thursday. Please look at each location’s details for this information.
9. Can my child go for only one or two weeks or do they have to go all the time?
We prefer for families to register their children if they plan to attend for at least 5 out of the 6 weeks of camp.
10. Who can pick up my child?
The children need to be signed in and out by an adult 18 or older and the individual is on the registration form that you fill out when you initially sign your child up for camp.
11. How do I know my child has been registered?
You will receive a confirmation email once you register your child. If your child is put on the waitlist, it will notify you. Krystal Tu will reach out if/when they are moved from the waitlist to the actual registration list. Any questions regarding this, you can contact Krystal Tu at ktu@ywcabucks.org
12. Is transportation provided to and from camp?
No, we do not provide transportation to camp from participants’ houses. The only transportation we offer is to and from the weekly trips during camp hours.


For more information or questions, you can email Krystal Tu at ktu@ywcabucks.org@ywcabucks.org