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From generation to generation of women, girls and families, YWCA Bucks County is here.Your membership is a statement of support for the mission, goals and programs of YWCA Bucks County.Together we can impact the lives of our neighbors enabling them to create a brighter future for themselves and their families!If you believe in empowering women, working toward eliminating racism and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all, join TODAY!

To become a member of the YWCA Bucks County simply give a donation by clicking here:

David Adoff
Karen Servos-Anderson
Erin Aronson
Deborah Bacon
Virginia Barrett
Sandy Blitzstein
Denise Brooks
Chip Capelli
Marianne Casale
Kristin Chapin
George Cincotta Jr.

Anne Coe – Lifetime Member
Elizabeth Colussi
Tammi Cottom
Bryan Connelly
Susan Dardes
Bob Donachie
Donna Decaul
Ronn Forte
Louis Floge
William Gaboda
Sonia Garbah
Felicity Hanks
Susan Hostetter
Kathy Jordon
Howard Kay
Gia James
Chris Kieszek
Deborah Kirkner
James Kirkner
Keith Kirkner

Daphne Lam
Susan Liebesman
Michele Light
Colleen Lydon
Linda Manzo
Elizabeth Marcelis
Lolly Marchant – Lifetime Member
Katherine Marcopul
Bettye Martin Musham
Kevin McCarthy
Karen and Patrick Mee
Marylin Mergen


Liz Mertes
Richard Mills
Valentina Mills
Anjum Mirza
Sharon Nelson
Marian and Joseph O’Leary
Carolyn Pachas
Karen Pendergast
Carolyn Per

Robin Pugh – Lifetime member
Jennifer Polinchock
Edward Raczynski
Charles and Nancy Reid
Kathy Rue
Bernette Ann Rue
Robert and Ella Rue Eyet
Pat Ryan
Patty Rooney
David Satterthwaite
Karen Salib
Neha Shah
Cherylann Schieber
Cindy Sikora
Stephanie Sikora
Sandra Simons
Mary Smithson
Guillaume Stewart
Jeanine Stewart
Natasha Tarampi

Linda Vataha – Lifetime member
Aimee Visco
Robin Weiss
Sarah Wheeler
Linda Wisniewski
Jennifer Wunder
Lauri Wunder
Jackson Young
Tiffany-Renee Young

The YWCA is serving the most vulnerable populations during COVID-19. Your donation helps us continue meeting critical needs at this time.

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