Mission, Vision, and Values

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The YWCA Bucks County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


We envision a community of empowered women, girls and families succeeding through increased opportunities to pursue and fulfill their individual aspirations.


The YWCA Bucks County is committed to the empowerment of, community-based service to, and partnership with women, girls and families in need. Integrity, diversity, inclusivity, empathy and self-value are non-negotiable elements of everything we do.

Diversity and Equity Statement


We believe that all lives have inherent and equal value. We envision an inclusive community
where people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, faiths, economic status, and
gender identities have equitable opportunities to benefit from institutions and systems that
support equal justice and opportunity.

We work towards this vision by promoting racial and gender equity and breaking down barriers
to opportunity, prosperity, and equal justice, so that everyone has what they need to thrive. Our
work to achieve racial equity and women’s empowerment encourages investments in women of
color and their families, facilitating their path towards self-determination, and building a
stronger community and future for everyone.

As an organization, we are committed to ongoing assessment and improvement of the equity of
our own culture, policies, decision-making practices, and composition. We view our diversity as
a source of strength and are committed to sustaining it and to reflecting the community we
serve. We acknowledge the challenges of working across difference, and purposely seek to
deepen our understanding of the life experiences, histories, cultures, traditions and challenges
of others in our organization and in our community. We believe that fostering understanding
supports our commitment to equity in our organization and in our delivery of services.